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Coming Soon!

Luxury Dog Carrier | Burgundy

Luxury Dog Carrier | Burgundy
Coming Soon!

Luxury Dog Carriers

L'élianne ® luxury dog carriers are an excellent addition as convenient travel accessories. Our iconic dog carrier is very comfortable for long walks. Many dogs spend hours at home alone and can experience separation anxiety. For this reason, a dog carrier bag will be perfect for taking your dog anywhere. It will provide the right protection in stressful environments or crowded crowds. A dog carrier bag is ideal for shopping, public transport or, for example, in a restaurant. Our durable dog bag helps considerably for the right protection, stability and comfort. 


Iconic Dog Carrier

Without an efficient dog carrier bag, you can easily lose your dog in a crowded environment. And unsuspecting passers-by could step on your dog and injure it. For this reason, investing in a dog carrier bag is perfect. Many old dogs tire easily or have joint problems. The sturdy model ensures that you can take your dog with you wherever you go.


Product information

  • Brand: L'élianne ®
  • Colors: burgundy red
  • Sizes: S (8 kg) & M (12 kg)
  • Measurements: 42x20x30 cm (S) & 55x30x36.50 cm (M)
  • Fabric: 100% polyester/ nylon & PU-leather
  • Suitable: puppy's, small and medium dogs (max. 12 KG)

Pre-Order Luxury Dog Carrier | Burgundy

A new L'élianne ® burgundy red dog carrier will soon be available in the collection. We have made it possible to reserve your favorite new carrier online, through a pre-order on the website. The estimated delivery time will be early August 2022!


Luxury Dog Carriers

L'élianne ® exclusive dog carrier is a combination of functionality and a fashion statement. A pleasant experience to take your dog for everyday trips to the shops, the vet or for visits.


A must-have for puppies, small and medium-sized dogs to visit locations where dogs are not allowed. This will help you avoid separation anxiety when the dog is left alone at home for hours.

Dog Carrier in Several Sizes

An exclusive design specially made for small to medium-sized dogs. The small dog carrier can carry up to 8 KG, which is perfect for a Dachshund, Chihuahua, Pomeranian or an Italian Greyhound. The medium-sized dog carrier is made for larger dogs up to 12 KG, something that sets us apart from the market. The design travel bag is designed with three reinforced handles for equal balance and stability.


Exclusively available in several sizes!

High Quality & Luxurious Finishes

Our luxury dog bag is made of 100% nylon, and luxury finishes. Every detail is designed with craftsmanship and carefully checked. L'élianne ® sells only the best dog bags online! The characteristics of nylon are its firmness and hardness. The material nylon is also lightweight, very strong and easy to keep clean. This material is ideal for dog products, to ensure a long lasting use.


Our exclusive design has several storage compartments to carry the most everyday items. Like the dog's leash, dog food, and so on. At the front there are two large storage compartments, and at the back there is one large storage compartment. The dog bag also has a small pouch that can be used to store biscuits, poop bags and the like.


Including Safety Elements

To ensure safety, the dog bag has an integrated safety belt. This can be attached to the dog harness. By securely fastening the dog, you will not lose your dog if the bag is on the ground for a while.


The dog bag also has a large safety strap that can easily be fitted around the car seat. This way, it can also function as a travel basket in the car, train or plane.

Multifunctional Dog Carrier Bag

It is multifunctional, as it functions as a mobile bag for travelling or as a travel bag for the car, train or plane. All dog bags can be closed with the zip on the top. This provides immediate protection against cold weather, wind or rain.


Once you have reached your destination, the soft bag with warm PU fur transforms into a handy travel blanket. The removable inner pocket allows you to satisfy your preferences for warmth in winter and coolness in summer. 

The Best Dog Carriers!

The open front design creates a breathtaking view of the outside during lifting. It is also designed so as not to strain the dog's neck while lifting.


The dog bags have a padded waterproof and windproof exterior. To preserve the body heat of the dog, and to provide the right support.

Our Favorites!

Combine your personal style with an exclusive dog carrier design!

- Made for your best friend

Why a L'élianne Dog Carrier?

Dog carriers have become extremely popular among small dog breeds and their owner. For those of us exploring with four-legged friends in town, a dog carrier is an essential piece of kit. L'élianne ® dog carrier collection is truly a stylish way to travel, it will be your new favorite way to get from A to B! But, why use a dog carrier?


Well, when travelling interstate domestically, overseas or walking about anywhere in both inner cities and suburban crowded areas. Without a proper dog bag, you can easily lose your dog or cause serious harmful injuries in packed areas.


Unsuspecting passengers could mistakenly step or stomp on your dog, especially when you’re walking with a young newborn puppy. Pet carriers create a sense of stability while protecting them completely from the outside world.

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