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Extra Basic Belt | Big


Extra Basic Dog Belt

All travel beds are including two basic safety straps to secure both the seat and the dog. If you want to transport two small dogs into the bed, or need an extra one. You could purchase dog seatbelts extra.


How Does It Work?

The first safety leash can be attached to the dog his harness. The second safety leash can be attached to the front seat of headrest of the back seat. In addition, the car bed has an anti-slip fabric at the bottom, an extra security to keep the car seat in place. 

  • Small seatbelt: to secure your dog to the bed;
  • Big seatbelt: to secure the bed around the seat when using the front seat and to secure the bed around the head rest when using the back seat


* Note: always turn off the airbag when putting the dog in the front of the car.

Discover Our Innovative Dog Seat Belt!

Travelling without a dog seat belt means unsafe dogs, distractions and many other dangerous situations. The dog will not be safe and protected during sharp turns, sudden breaks or high bumps.


This innovative dog car restraint is a perfect addition in combination with the luxurious L'élianne ® dog car seat. These dog car restraints provide protection and safety by securing the dog to the front or back seat.