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Luxury Dog Carrier | Camel


European Designed Dog Carrier

L'élianne ® luxury dog carrier combines functionality with a fashion statement. Our iconic pet carrier is perfect to use during shopping, vet appointments, at a restaurant & much more. A modern dog bag is an increasingly important accessory to have on any adventure. Therefore investing in a well-made bag is the best decision!


Unique Pet Carrier

Our elegant pet carrier helps to eliminate new stressful environments for the dog. Without an efficient dog bag, you could easily lose your dog in a crowded environment. And unsuspecting passers-by might step on and injure your dog. For this reason, a dog carrier helps to provide the right protection, stability and comfort on any adventure.


Product information

  • Brand: L'élianne ®
  • Colors: camel
  • Sizes: S (8kg) & M (12kg)
  • Measurements: 42x20x30cm (S) & 55x30x36.50cm (M)
  • Fabric: 100% inside soft polyster fur & 100% nylon outside
  • Finishing: PU-leather & YKK zippers
  • Suitable: puppies, small and medium dogs (max. 12KG)


Key Features

  • Brand-New European design;
  • Exclusive handcrafted design of L'élianne ®
  • Beautiful PU-leather handles & premium YKK zippers
  • Removable inner bag for warm or cold preferences;
  • Inside you'll find a secure hook to attach your dog's collar. Always ensure your dog is safely secured;
  • Waterproof, lightweight & machine-washable;
  • Side pocket: to store treats, toys, food and other travel accessories.



New luxury dog bags are now available to reserve online! L'élianne ®'s iconic design will be a limited edition. A reservation will ensure you get your dog bag! The estimated shipping time will be around the first week of March 2022.

Luxury Dog Carrier

Our iconic dog carrier combines your personal style with a modern carry-on bag for the road. A perfect way for everyday trips to the shop, vet, restaurants & much more.


A must-have if you often want to take your puppy or small dog to places where they are not allowed. The dog bag has four reinforced carrying handles that ensure that the weight is distributed.


The innovative dog travel bag has a buckle on the inside to attach the included safety strap to the harness. This allows you to safely carry the dog without losing your dog or letting it take part in traffic.

Combine your personal style with an exclusive dog carrier design!

Multifunctional Pet Carrier

The innovative design is multifunctional, as it functions as a mobile dog carrier for travelling or as a travel bag for the car, train or plane. The design can carry up to 12KG, which sets us apart from other bags on the market.


Once you have reached your destination, the soft inner bag with warm PU-fur transforms into a handy travel blanket. Since the inner pocket is removable, you can satisfy your preferences for warmth in winter and coolness in summer.


The innovative open front design creates a breathtaking view of the outside while lifting. The dog carriers have a padded waterproof and windproof exterior. To preserve the dog's body heat, and provide the right support.

The Best Dog Carriers!

A practical design with an extra large side pocket for carrying dog treats, the leash and other everyday travel essentials.


The dog bags have an extra zip at the top to close it. This gives the dog protection against cold, wind or rain, while the dog stays warm.

Why a L'élianne Dog Carrier?

Dog carriers have become extremely popular among small dog breeds and their owner. For those of us exploring with four-legged friends in town, a dog carrier is an essential piece of kit. L'élianne ® dog carrier collection is truly a stylish way to travel, it will be your new favourite way to get from A to B! But, why use a dog carrier?


Well, when traveling interstate domestically, overseas or walking about anywhere in both inner cities and suburban crowded areas. Without a proper dog bag you can easily lose your dog or cause serious harmful injuries in super crowded areas.


Unsuspecting passengers could mistakenly step or stomp on your dog especially when you’re walking with a young newborn puppy. Pet carriers create a sense of stability while protecting them completely from the outside world.

Discover the luxury of a well-made dog carrier!

Discover Our Luxurious Collection!