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Extra Luxury Travelset - Bundle

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Extra Luxury Travelset - Bundle

Extra Luxury Travelset: Dog Car seat + Coats + Belt
L'élianne ® extra luxury travelset is a combination of the dog car seat + clothes + dog belt. A complete preparation of safety and comfort for any adventure in the car. Without a good carrier and belt, the dog will not be safe during sharp turns, hard brakes or high bumps. For this reason, a combination of these two travel elements is a must-have for any short or long car journey.


Luxury Dog Travel Bed:
The modern car bed reates comfort, safety and confidence for small to medium sized dogs. It provides an airbag effect to keep the dog safe. The high edges allow for sitting, leaning or sleeping while transporting.


Luxury Dog Jackets
When the destination is reached, such as your holiday home in the mountains, a visit in the forest or a walk on the beach, the dog clothes come in perfectly handy! After a short or long car journey, put on the dog coat to protect them from wind, rain, sunlight, snow or the cold winter months outside. In this luxury package, you can choose between the favourite bordeaux red dog mackintosh or the warm dark blue winter coat.


Luxury Dog Belt:
The dog car seat belt is a real must-have to be well prepared when travelling. It also makes your fellow passengers safer during traffic situations. By clicking the seat belt into the buckle of the car tongue, it is a good way of transporting safely. The seat belt is made for any universal vehicle with a seat belt clip.

EXTRA Discount:

  • Bundle discount (-€20)
  • Choice of dog clothes

Luxury Dog Car Seat

A luxury dog car seat is designed to function as an airbag effect, absorbing sharp turns, brakes and high bumps. Travelling without a car seat means the dog is not safe and comfortable in the car and this can lead to anxiety or car sickness.


The elevated dog car seat creates a better view of the outside and offers more peace of mind to keep an eye on his surroundings. The high edges also provide support for the dog's body and neck while driving. The dog seat creates a place to lean, sit up or sleep in the car.

Luxury Dog Seat Belt

This dog car seat belt is an excellent addition to the dog car seat. The dog car seat belt is designed with the best quality materials for safer travel in the car on the front seat or back seat.


Travelling without a dog car seat means distraction while driving, an unsafe stray dog or it can lead to other dangerous situations in the car.


The dog seatbelt has a universal belt clip that can be clicked onto the front seat or back seat. The car journey is made safer by attaching the lockable clip to the dog harness.

Luxury Dog Coats

The dog raincoat & dog winter coat collection can be ordered online to have a protection against wind, rain, sunlight, snow and the cold winter months outside. The dog coats have a harness opening and are made for small, medium and large dogs.


L'élianne ® dog coat collection is designed to provide extra warmth for dogs that need it. Some dogs need extra warmth in the rain or winter to prevent them from feeling uncomfortable in rainy conditions.


One benefit of a dog coat is to reduce fear of rain, thunder or cold. Secondly, a mackintosh protects the body from wind, rain, snow and sunlight. This can be harmful for your dog, so it is important to invest in protective dog clothing. 

A luxurious combination of travel that ensures safety & comfort!

Why L'élianne?

L'élianne® is a luxury online dog brand, founded by Carlijn Elianne in the Netherlands. Since 2020, we deliver from our warehouse in Amersfoort and all products are carefully packed in-house. 


Every pet that is part of your family deserves to have products that are carefully made of high quality. We carefully design our products to be enjoyed for a long time. 


We deliver our exclusive collection worldwide and do our utmost to provide fast personal service. Discover the luxury of good dog products! 

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