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Luxury Dog Winter Toys


Winter Dog Toys

L'élianne ® collection presents winter dog toys as a present for your best friend. A dog is always happy, loyal and involved and this should be rewarded. The collection of dog toys is designed to give unconditional love back to your best friend. Because every pet belongs to the family just as much as any other and therefore deserves the very best.


Winter Snowman & Reindeer Toy

An adorable snowman & reindeer winter toy will be your dog's best way to accompany them during the cold winter nights. These plush stuffed squeaky toys are perfect gift choice for your dog during this memorable holiday, will bring endless smiles and lasting happiness to all.



  • Size: 21x14x12cm/8.27x5.51x4.72inch
  • Material: 100% cotton (non-toxic)
  • Noisemakers: squeaky chew sound


Premium Features

  • Washable
  • Clean Teeth & Keep Healthy
  • Squeaky sound
  • Possibilities to add treats in the belly
  • Lightweight & easy to toss
  • Decreases stress & boredom

Favorite Dog Toys & Winter Cheer

The dog toys is a special winter collection for the L'élianne ® community. The pet dog toy is lightweighted, easy to toss and perfect for interaction.


The dog chew toys have squeakers built-in voice device when he bites. This will attract the dog's attention, and it helps to release stress and anxiety. 

Create a festive atmosphere for Christmas, and a fashionable gift for dogs!

Outdoor & Indoor Fun Dog Toy

Dog stuffed toys are ideal for tossing and playing fetch indoors or outdoors, enriching the dog's daily workout to keep them active and healthy during the winter season. The strong non-toxic materials can withstand countless of fun squeezing and playing. A perfect solution to decrease stress or boredom.

Stuffed Plush & Dog Chew Gift

Stuff your dog's stocking with this soft plush reindeer or snowman dog toy. The toy will be the perfect amount of Christmas cheer! 


Made of natural cotton and rubber, and premium materials. The rubber is soft, toughness, safe and washable. This plush stuffed squeaky toy is a perfect gift choice for your furry baby during this memorable holiday, will bring endless smiles and lasting happiness to all.

Why a Winter Dog Toy?

The tree is trimmed, the gifts are wrapped, and your outdoor décor rivals the local botanical light show, but there's one furry friend you can't leave off your list. He's been a good boy all year (okay, so maybe a few naughty moments at the dog park), so you know he deserves an early Christmas treat. Even though you may get a kick out of a new Christmas collar or festive puppy sweater, toys are the name of the game when it comes to holiday fun.


Prime for a game of fetch or for cuddling by the fire, these Christmas dog toys are sure to get a tail wag. From squeaky toys and strong, chew toys to festive tennis balls and plush Christmas characters, we've rounded out up favorite holiday dog toys to bring a dose of North Pole magic to playtime.