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Luxury Dog Car Seat | All-black


Dog Travel Bed

A dog car seat creates more safety and comfort for small to medium sized dogs. A luxury dog travel bed helps to prevent distractions, unsafe and dangerous situations, by safely securing the dog with the safety straps. The dog car bed has an elevation that helps with anxiety or car sickness. It also provides good protection for the car interior against stains, bad smells and hair.


Booster Dog Seat & Airbag Effect

The best dog car seat has high padded cushions to create an airbag effect. Whereby the dog gets support during bends, braking or hills. The elevation of the car seat provides a better view of the outside. The soft edges provide a nice place to lean, sit or sleep in the car. The dog car seat provides support for the dog's body, head and neck. The luxury dog carrier makes your dog more relaxed, comfortable and stress-free.



  • Size: one size
  • Weight: 3,5 KG
  • Material: 100% nylon
  • Dimensions:length 55 cm x width 50 cm x height 45 cm or 21.6 x 19.7 x 11.8 inches
  • Type of dog: Puppies and small to medium dogs – Not sure? Feel always free to contact us, we will help you.


Dog Seat Key Features

  • Best quality for long-term usability;
  • Protects car interior design;
  • Innovative & spacious design;
  • Lightweight, waterproof, wrinkle-free & easy to clean;
  • Booster seat can be used in either the front or back seat;
  • Elevated bottom to look outside the window;
  • Anti-slip bottom & including adjustable security elements
  • Multifunctional: unzip the front to make a lounge bed;
  • Removable and washable covers;
  • The travel beds will fit it all types of cars;
  • At the checkout possibilities to order extra safety elements.


*Prices are included 21% VAT

Dog Car Seat & Multifunctional

The dog car seat is multifunctional, because it functions as a normal sleeping dog bed for in the living room as well. When you have reached your destination, you simply unzip the front of the bed to create a lounge bed. This allows to bring the comforts of your home into the car on any adventure!


The dog travel bed is made of the best quality to ensure a long term usability. The carrying handles are there to make it easy to lift the basket from place to place. A light, old or injured dog can be carried from the car to the house on short distances. 


The bed is portable and designed so that the necessary accessories for a day out (e.g. toys and treats) can be easily carried.

Anxiety, Stress or Car Sickness?

Fear, stress or car sickness are problems that often occur by dogs during travelling. The L'élianne ® dog travel bed helps with these problems and creates comfort for your dog.


In the long run, dogs will associate traumatic car rides with frightening memories, even when they are adults. L'élianne ® dog car seat is the best solution online to overcome car anxiety and motion sickness by bringing the comfort of home into the car. We believe that a car dog carrier provides more confidence and self-assurance, which means that your dog is more likely to accompany you on a journey.


The dog carrier is a liberation from fear that allows you to go on adventures together and spend time away from home. Invest in a carefully designed doggy seat to make your best friend confident again.

Safety Leashes

The dog car seat is designed with safety straps to secure the dog to the harness. The dog car seat can be placed on the front seat or back seat with the safety straps. The car seat has a grip layer at the bottom as an extra security to keep it in place. Because the dog is secured, the driver is able to focus on the road again and it prevents the dog from jumping on his lap.


  • Small seatbelt: to secure your dog to the bed;
  • Big seatbelt: to secure the bed around the seat when using the front seat and to secure the bed around the head rest when using the back seat;

* Note: always turn off the airbag when putting the dog in the front of the car.

Care & Maintenance

The dog car bed is designed with a removable cover, which can simply be put in the washing machine. The bed is also easy to keep clean with a damp cloth. Always wash the cover on a cool setting (30 degrees), gentle cycle and we do not recommend putting it in the dryer.


To guarantee a long period of use, we advise you to treat the bed with care. The basket is easy to clean with a wet cloth to remove stains. If the dog is dirty, you can use a towel to protect the bed.


Protect Your Furry Friend!

- Made for your best friend

Why a L'élianne Dog Car Bed?

L'élianne ® is a luxury online dog brand, founded by Carlijn Elianne in the Netherlands. Since 2020, we deliver from our warehouse in Amersfoort and all products are carefully packed in-house. 


Every pet that is part of your family deserves to have products that are carefully made of high quality. We carefully design our products to be enjoyed for a long time. 


We deliver our exclusive collection worldwide and do our best to provide fast personal service. Discover the luxury of good dog products! 

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