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Luxurious Dog Winter Coat | Navy


Dog Wintercoat – a luxurious collection made for outdoor adventures. The dog winter coat is made for small, medium and large dogs during the winter. The dog clothes are designed for comfort and functionality when walking outside. In addition, the outdoor dogwear will increase your dog’s visibility and give them a boost of security if they are nervous about getting cold. The smart reflective visibility lines on the dog wintercoat which ensures your dog’s visibility and safety when walking at night.


Dog Winter Clothes & Weatherproof - with insulation will protect you from harsh cold weather when going on an outdoor adventure. A dog winter coat will keep your dog warm during cold days and winter seasons. The coat has a windproof and waterproof outer layer and is reinforced on exposed areas for extra protection against cold weather or winter seasons.


Security, Comfort & Functionality - dog winter coat can help with anxiety and it will give them a sense of security when walking in the winter and that will make all the difference in ensuring that your dog feels safe and comforted. Dog clothes increase overall safety for everyday activities that requires protective gear.


Innovative Design When Freezing Temperatures - a dog’s natural coat provides insulation and protection from the weather, but some dogs are not genetically wired for the cold environments in which they find themselves. Such dogs will always be uncomfortable in the freezing temperatures of winter. Dogs with medical conditions may also benefit from extra warmth. Some dogs that are smaller, lighter, aging, sick or have less fur may need additional warmth in winter due to their lighter layers of animal hair or fur. Many dog breeds aren’t built for low temperatures and get easily cold.


Freedom of Movement - the dog winter coats are designed with loose flaps at the front which allows the dog full freedom of movement and do not interfere when running and playing. The dog can wear a harness underneath the winter coat and be attached to a leash through an opening on the back.


Perfect Fit -  the winter coat has several cinch points to ensure the perfect fit for your dog. The winter coat for dogs has a convenient snap closure that allows the coat to be put on and taken off quickly and easily. The adjustable and high collar is windproof, waterproof and protects the dog against cold weather. The elastic rear leg straps ensure that the jacket always stays in place, even during high-intensity activities.


Product information:

  • High quality polyester
  • Free-movement
  • Machine-washable
  • Wind- and waterproof design
  • Reflective design for visibility at night
  • Convenient front leg 'flaps' for unimpeded running
  • Innovative opening at the back to secure the dog harness
  • Adjustable neckline, waist and leg straps - for an individual fit.
  • The dog clothes have a special design to avoid hanging tags, hanging zippers, hooks, buttons or other parts that could irritate your dog.


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