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Luxurious Dog Raincoat | Burgundy


Dog Raincoat – a luxurious collection to wear outdoors when heavy rain and poor visibility appears. The dog rain jacket is made of excellent quality for a small, medium and large dog. The dog clothes are waterproof, windproof and washable. The innovative dogwear is designed with a zipper opening to secure the leash to the collar or the dog harness.


Dog Rain Jacket & Functionality - that helps with fear of getting wet in the rain. The dog raincoat provides a sense of security when a thunderstorm is approaching or if the dog is nervous about getting wet. The loose flaps at the front near the front legs give the dog full freedom of movement. This way, the dog is not hindered while running and playing. The dog can wear a harness under the jacket and be attached through an opening on the back. The raincoats will keep the dog warm, comfortable and dry during an outside walk.


Dog Clothes & Safety - it increases overall safety in everyday activities that require protective coats. The dogwear is designed with smart reflective visibility lines to prevent dangerous night walks, ensuring the visibility and safety of your dog during night walks. It will also make it easier to find your dog in the water, in the park or among the trees. The bright reflective effect ensures your best friend stays safe while looking stylish.


Perfect Tight Fit – the dog raincoat is designed for a tight fit around the body to prevent soaking of the belly with water flowing from the back. The convenient snap closure allows the dog coat to be put on and taken off quickly and easily. The adjustable high collar neck and chest completes the perfect fit and protective effect against cold. The elastic rear leg straps ensure that the rain jacket stays in place, even during high-intensity activities. The high collar is windproof and nice and warm around neck and ears.


Why a L'élianne Raincoat? - A special design to avoid hanging tags, zips, hooks, buttons or other parts that could irritate your dog. The dog coats have an innovative opening at the back to attach the dog harness. A dog raincoat can make a big difference in making your dog feel comfortable and safe outside. Whether you are trying to keep an adventurous dog clean or a fearful dog dry, a dog coat is an ideal solution.


Product information:

  • High quality polyester
  • Breathable materials
  • Free-movement
  • Machine-washable
  • Wind- and waterproof design
  • Reflective design for visibility at night
  • Convenient front leg 'flaps' for unimpeded running
  • Innovative opening at the back to secure the dog harness
  • Adjustable neckline, waist and leg straps - for an individual fit
  • The dog clothes have a special design to avoid hanging tags, hanging zippers, hooks, buttons or other parts that could irritate your dog.


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