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Sportive Dog Car Seat | Black


New Sportive Dog Car Seat

We are proud to introduce our new Sportive Dog Car Seat - that is made for your best friend. Featuring a more sporty-look while looking luxurious as any L'élianne ® product. A luxury travel collection with an original, exclusive & innovative design.


Various Sizes: We offer several sizes; the size M is made for a puppy, small and medium-sized dog. The size L is made for medium-sized to big dogs. 


Number #1 Overcome Anxiety, Stress & Motion Sickness

The dog booster car seat provides a better view of the outside world. The elevation helps to master anxiety, stress & car sickness for any dog. Our mission at L'élianne ® is to strive for a future where dogs no longer have to experience these problems. Our dog travel bed can be ordered exclusively online at our website.


Product information:

  • Brand: L'élianne ®
  • Color: black
  • Size: medium (M) & large (L)
  • Weight: 5 kg & 7 KG
  • Material: 100% duurzaam polyester
  • Dimensions: 55 x 40 x 45 cm (M) en 70 x 40 x 45 (L)
  • Type of dog: puppies, small, medium-sized & big dogs - If in doubt, please contact customer services;
  • TIP: most customers also invest in our dog harness and dog seat belt.


Safety First!

The luxury dog car seat comes with efficient safety elements.

  • Small seatbelt: for securing your dog to the bed;
  • Large seatbelt: to secure the bed to the front seat or headrest on the back seat.
  • Isofix: Isofix is an internationally standardized system for fitting car seats in cars.
  • Please note: always switch off the airbag when you put the dog in the front seat of the car.

PRE-ORDER | Sportive Dog Car Seat 

Our new Sportive Dog Car Seat is now available to pre-order exclusively on our website. All pre-orders will be sent out by the end of November 2023. Due to high demand for the new design - it is advisable to reserve your car seat in advance.


- Made for your best friend


Sportive Dog Car Seat

Our sportive Dog Car Seat functions as an airbag in hard collisions, sharp turns or high bumps. It comes with standard safety straps and isofix hooks to secure the car seat to the front seat, or to the headrest on the back seat. Our iconic luxury dog car seat offers protection and safety during extreme dangerous & unsafe situations. The dog travel bed is perfect to recreate the comfort of your home into the car during traveling. 


Overcome Anxiety, Stress & Motion Sickness!

L'élianne ® 's mission is to strive for a future where all dogs no longer have to feel stress, anxious or motion sickness. How does a dog car seat help?


Number 1 to overcome anxiety, stress and car sickness! Symptoms such as panting, shivering, squealing, barking ór drooling are common problems dogs can experience while travelling.


Unfortunately, these are common problems that many dogs experience in the car. It is very important to address this stressful experience immediately, otherwise it can become a traumatic memory. Unfamiliar situations can lead to an anxious event in the car in at least one in five dogs.

Exclusive & Iconic Dog Travel Bed

Premium Safety Design: Our dog car seat is thoughtfully designed with your dog's safety in mind. It features a sturdy and durable construction, securing your dog in place during sudden stops or turns, preventing any potential injuries.


Cozy & Soft Interior: Your furry friend will feel like royalty in our plush and comfortable interior. The dog seat is lined with soft, pet-friendly materials that guarantee a cozy journey, whether it's a short trip to the park or a long road adventure.


Various Sizes: The size S is made for a puppy, small and medium-sized dog. The size L is made for medium-sized to big dogs. 


Easy Installation: Installing the dog car seat is a breeze! Simply attach it to the backseat of your car using the adjustable straps provided. The seat is suitable for all car models and can be quickly removed when not in use. It also provides instant protection for the car-interior from muddy paws, scratches or dirty stains.


How long can dogs travel in a car? Have a break at least every two hours in a safe and confined area.

High Quality Design & Luxurious Details

Our luxury car dog basket is carefully designed from 100% waterproof durable polyester. High-quality finishes create the luxurious and sporty experience you would expect. The zippers and hardware are designed of the highest quality to ensure long-lasting usage. We stand behind our products, which is why we offer a very generous 60 days return period!


Safety & Protection During Unsafe Situations

Our new dog car seat collection creates ultimate comfort, safety and support. How do dogs best ride along in the car? This dog car seat efficient safety elements, to secure the dog and the seat. The dog travel bed also has two isofix hooks and a grip layer for extra safety. Isofix is an internationally standardised system for attaching car seats in cars.


Law & Rules Driving With Dogs

In a collision at 50 km/h, even a small dog can become a life-threatening projectile for passengers in the car. What is the law on dogs in cars? When in a vehicle make sure dogs or  are suitably restrained to avoid distraction or injuring. In an event of a collision, it could be used as evidence against you if your dog is not properly secured.


Do dogs have to be restrained in cars? When driving with dogs it's important to be familiar with the law rule 57 highway codeA proper dog car seat, dog harness, dog seat belt are the best ways of restraining. Make sure to check out the correct law rules for your own country.


If your pet is found to have caused or contributed to an accident, your car insurance could be invalid, as well as any pet insurance. You could also face a fine of up to £5,000 if you’re taken to court, as well as points on your license.

Multifunctional Dog Seat for Any Location

The dog travel bed design is multifunctional, by simply unzipping the front with the zippers - you can create a cozy dog bed. The comfortable lounge bed can be used fror at home, or other various locations. The bed is lightweighted and easy to carry with the carrying handles.


To create confidence and self-assurance in the car, it is ideal to use the car seat as a sleeping bed. The dog will be delighted when it is used in the living room, on visits, in the restaurant or in other places. So, you can take the comfort of home with you in the car on any adventure. 

Modern Dog Booster Seat & Storage Compartments

To carry everyday dog supplies, we have designed the dog bed with several storage compartments. On both sides there are two large storage compartments with a zip to close. This ensures that you can take your favorite travel essentials with you on holiday. Like, the dog leash, dog biscuits, dog poop bags & much more!

Travel- Accessories: Dog Harness, Dog Seat Belt & Dog Sleeping Bag

Most of our customers, with a L'élianne ® dog car seat, also invest in our dog harness, dog seat belt & dog sleeping bag. A must-have combination of dog travel elements, to ensure many safe and comfortable miles on the road!


#3x Tips for getting a dog used to driving a car

How do you get your dog to be calm in the car? Especially when your dog finds driving a car exciting, a good preparation is important.


  1. Invest in well-made dog travel elements: dog car seat, dog seat belt & a harness.
  2. Start with short car journeys: let your dog get used to the car seat at home first. Then start slowly with short car trips and fun destinations such as the beach or forest. During the car journey, it helps considerably if you reward your dog well with cuddles or treats. 
  3. Personal scents & accessories: travelling in the car is different for every dog, so it is wise to bring something from home into the car. For example, a rug, a cuddly toy or a toy. The smell and comfort of home will help the dog to slowly get used to the car.

Care & Maintenance

The dog seat is designed with a removable cover, which can simply be put in the washing machine. The travel bed is also easy to keep clean with a damp cloth. Always wash the cover on a cool setting (30 degrees), gentle cycle, and we do not recommend putting it in the dryer.


To guarantee a long period of use, we advise you to treat the bed with care. The bed is easy to clean with a wet cloth to remove stains. If the dog is dirty, you can use a towel to protect the bed.


Protect Your Best Friend

Why L'élianne ®?

L'élianne ® is a luxury dog brand founded by Carlijn Elianne in 2020 in the Netherlands. Our mission is to strive for a better future where dogs no longer have to feel anxiety, stress or car sickness.


An exclusive, original and innovative collection that is made for your best friend. Every dog that is part of the family deserves to have the best products made exclusively for them.


We deliver our exclusive collection worldwide and do our utmost to provide fast personal service. We believe in our products and that is why we offer a 60 day return policy.


Discover our Luxury Collection!