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Partners of L'élianne ®

L'élianne ® has partnered up with luxurious dog brands around the world. These brands represent the collection into their online and offline store.


Precious Pet, Norway

Malene & Helene, two awesome ladies have established Precious Pet, located in Kolbotn Norway. They are very interested exclusive high quality designs. They worked hard to find unique partners and they want to keep offering the best in their shop. L'élianne and Precious Pet partnered up because we share the same values of entrepreneurship in the luxurious dog field. 

Pets of Ponsonby, New Zealand

The Pets of Ponsonby online dog shop, located in New Zealand is our partner. A high-end fashion brand and products. They stand for quality and exclusivity. The chic and modern style of the selected items give your dog a unique recognition value. 


Hanwha Solutions, South Korea

The luxurious shop Hanwha Solutions in Galleria, located in Seoul, South Korea, sell high quality dog products in a luxurious shopping mall. Located in the central business district of Dunsan, Daejeon, the center of the central region, it is the only luxury department store in the central region with global premium brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Prada.

J. Interiorshop, Japan

Nozomi Kamimura is a young female entrepreneur followed her dreams to start her own online shop called J. Interiorshop located in Japan Niigata Prefecture. At the moment she entered the market with her online shop and soon she will have her own store. 


They stand for quality and uniqueness and she has a very broad collection of products that she loves. Nozomi and I partnered up because of her good friend Miki. We are very excited to work together and to build our brand together. 

Ben House, South Korea

This luxurious pet company distributes several products with diversity, originally and function from all over the world. Ben International is located in Seoul, South Korea. The company imports luxury products to offer for their domestic market. Our cooperation brings us together to grow and offer beautiful products in the dog business. 

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