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Dog Car Seat & Travel Accessories

L'élianne ® is a luxury online dog brand, offering the original dog car seat, a luxurious dog carrier travel-accessories. Will make your dog well-prepared for any (car) adventure!


- Made for your best friend

Luxury Dog Car Seat

L'élianne ® dog car seat is a real must-have to master anxiety, stress or car-sickness. Our iconic dog travel bed creates ultimate comfort, safety and support. It helps to provide instant protection in dangerous & unsafe situations.


#1 Master Car-Anxiety & Sickness!

Unfortunately, all very common problems that many dogs experience when travelling. Many dogs are extremely restless in the car and may start panting, shivering, squealing, barking or drooling. If your dog shows any of these symptoms, car trips can be like a nightmare for both of you! L'élianne ® 's mission is to strive for a future in which all dogs no longer have to feel these problems.


This dog booster car seat creates a breathtaking view of the outside world. The modern dog seat provides an airbag effect, as the high soft cushions protect the dog in the event of hard knocks, sharp turns, or high bumps.


Iconic Dog Travel Bed

An impressive dog travel bed design which increases the feeling of confidence and trust. And it provides the best support for the dog's body, head, and neck.


A perfect preparation for the car, which will ultimately lead to more adventures outside the house together. For this reason, an investment in L'élianne ® dog car seat is a good choice. 


The dog seat is designed with efficient safety straps to transport a small to medium-sized dog. The dog carrier can be perfectly combined with our dog car belt and harness!

Booster Dog Car Seat

A comfortable place for the dog to sit, lean or sleep during short or long car journeys. The booster dog car seat creates an incredible view of the outside world. This creates more self-confidence and barking possibilities towards passers-by.


A Travel Bed For Any Car Adventure!

Experience the luxury of a dog travel bed designed for your home, car ór in-between!


We strive to meet or exceed expectations, by deeply caring about our customers. We are respected and admired with a high score of 9.9 on Google.


With our product at the heart of everything we do. We're driven by ambition to create a first class experience for you and your best friend.


We learn from mistakes by closely listening to our community. As we continue to grow, we don’t lose sight of what’s most important — people and their most beloved pets.

Dog Seat Belt & Dog Harness

L'élianne ® travel-accessories consist of a successful collection with the best safety elements. A car journey without proper protection can lead to an extremely dangerous and unsafe car journey.


Our innovative dog seat belt & dog harness significantly increase the safety, comfort and protection for the dog. For this reason, you will be assured of many safe miles in the car together.


Most of our customers, who have our luxury dog car seat also invest in our dog seatbelt & dog restraint!

Our Mission

L'élianne ® is a luxury dog brand, founded by Carlijn Elianne in 2020 in The Netherlands. My focus is to understand all the problems that dogs are experiencing while travelling. Some dogs are extremely restless in the car and may start panting, shivering, squealing, barking or drooling. L'élianne ®’s mission is to strive for a better future where dogs no longer need to feel anxiety, stress or car sickness.


Every dog that is part of the family deserves to have the best products that is exclusively made for them. Our iconic dog collection design expertise is matched by original, exclusive and innovative looks. The finest materials are used to create an environment of first-class experiences, all created by expert craftsman.


- Made for your best friend

NEW! Luxury Dog Carrier

L'élianne ® luxury dog carrier is becoming increasingly important as a convenient travel accessory these days. Our new collection of dog carriers combines functionality with a Fashionstatement. A must-have for long city walks, restaurant visits, public transport & much more.


A perfect solution to prevent leaving your dog home alone for hours. The pet carrier protects your dog in stressful environments and busy crowds. For this reason, an efficient dog carrier bag helps to provide comfort and protection, without directly participating in traffic.

Iconic Dog Carriers in Several Sizes

A European designed dog bag that is made to take your dog everywhere. It is exclusively available by us in several sizes for puppies and small dogs up to 8 KG. And medium-sized dogs up to 12 KG, which sets us apart from the market.



Experience the luxury of a functional pet carrier on any adventure!

High Quality & Luxurious Details

A charming dog carrier that is made of high-quality materials, zippers and luxurious finishes. The design has an internal safety strap to secure the dog. Also, the dog bag has three reinforced carrying handles for proper balance and stability while carrying.


The iconic pet carrier has multiple storage compartments to carry your favorite essentials. The inside has a removable soft pocket to meet your preferences for warmth in winter and coolness in summer. 


Luxury Pet Carrier on The Go!

We have more sizes for dogs up to 12 KG

Dog Raincoat For Outside Hiking

Our iconic burgundy L'élianne ® dog raincoat provides a sense of security, warmth and comfort when a heavy rain or thunderstorm is approaching. A luxurious dog coat prevents a soaking wet dog and the smell of a soggy dog coat in the house or car. A functional & stylish collection for in the rain!


Dog Winter Coat For Cold Winters

The midnight blue L'élianne ® dog winter coat will protect the dog on freezing cold walks and chattering during heavy snowstorms. The dog coat is double-lined with fleece material and it has reinforced layers at the neck, belly and paws to retain body heat. 


Stylish Dog Coats For Any Adventure!

L'élianne ® luxurious dog coats offers protection from wind, rain, sunlight, snow and the cold winter months outside. The dog coat preserves the dog's body heat during heavy rain or cold snow walks.