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Dog Coats

L'élianne ® luxurious dog coats offers protection from wind, rain, sunlight, snow and the cold winter months outside. The dog clothes collection consists of a dog raincoat & a dog winter coat, that is made of excellent quality, functionality and it has a functional design. 


The dog jacket protects the dog during rainy thunderstorms or heavy snowstorms outside in the cold. The waterproof dog coat keeps the home-interior and car clean from dirty weather.


These dog coats are designed with an innovative harness hole opening to attach the leash. The dog rain and winter jacket are waterproof, has reflective lines and is designed for the small to medium-sized dog.


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Dog Raincoat

L'élianne ® dog raincoat collection is made to wear outdoors during heavy rain and when poor visibility appears at night. The waterproof dog rain jacket will keep your dog dry, warm and clean from dirty splashes. 


The iconic burgundy red raincoat has reflective lines for better visibility during dangerous night walks. The best dog rain coat to increase comfort and condifence when a thunderstorm is approaching.

Dog rain jacket is designed for heavy rain or thunderstorms, while looking stylish! 

Dog Winter Coat

L'élianne ® dog winter coat collection is perfect for the cold days and winter outside. The winter jacket is waterproof, warm and it protects your dog from harsh cold weather and low temperatures. 


The dog coats are made of double-layered fleece materials, that is a favorite among active dogs. The winter dog clothes will increase your dog's visibiliy and safety when they are nervous to get cold. 

Discover the luxurious collection of outdoor hiking coats!

Why L'élianne Dog Coats?

The dog coats are designed with loose flaps at the fron legs. This will prevent that the dog is hindered while walking, running or playing. 


The dog jacket has an innovative design to avoid hanging tags, zips, hooks, buttons or other parts that could irritate your dog. Dog clothes can make a big difference in making your dog feel comfortable and safe outside.

Favorite Dog Jackets!


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