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Dog Car Seat

L'élianne ® luxury dog car seat is a real must-have to master anxiety, stress and car-sickness. Our iconic dog travel bed offers ultimate comfort, safety and protection on the road. It also provides the right support during dangerous & unsafe situations.


The dog booster car seat creates an airbag effect during sharp turns, hard braking & high bumps. And it provides a breathtaking view of the outside world. The luxury dog seat is made for small and medium-sized dogs, which is perfect to recreate the comforts of your home into the car.


To ensure a successful car journey, our dog booster seat has efficient safety elements. To secure the dog and the bed to the front seat or back seat. And isofix hooks and a grip layer for extra protection. Discover the calming effect of a well-made dog car seat, which will become your new favorite way of travelling!


- Made for your best friend


"A Modern Travel Bed For The Modern Pet Lover"

Number #1 Master Car-Anxiety & Sickness!

Unfortunately, these are common problems that many dogs experience in the car. Some dogs are extremely restless in the car and may start panting, shivering, squeaking, barking or drooling. If your dog shows any of these symptoms, car journeys can be like a nightmare for both of you! 


L'élianne ® strives for a future in which dogs no longer have to feel anxiety, stress or motion sickness. Experience together the liberation of fear in the car for dogs. And invest in the luxury dog car seat!


Dog Booster Car Seat

Our luxury dog booster seat is perfect to create a much better view of the outside world. The booster car seat allows keeping an eye on their surroundings, which ultimately helps to master certain problems.


The soft dog travel bed ensures the best protection during travelling. The high edges offer comfort and support on their whole body.


The dog car seat includes standard safety elements to secure your dog to the front or to the back seat. We have designed more innovative dog safety belts in our travel- accessories page. Make sure to check that out!

Multifunctional Dog Travel Bed

The modern dog travel bed is designed to be multifunctional, as it functions as a normal sleeping bed for at home. By simply unzipping the front, you can create a dog bed to use on your destination. So from now on, your dog can relax in one dog bed at home, on the road or in between.


XL Large Dog Car Seat

An exclusive XL dog car seat design that is made for medium-sized and big dogs. The innovative large dog seat has a spacious design of 90 cm in length, to transport the dog on the back seat. The big dog travel bed creates protection, comfort & support.


Luxury Dog Travel Bed For Any Travel Adventure

Your dogs new favorite way to travel in the car with you!

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