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Designer Dog Car Seat

Welcoming our L'élianne ® designer Dog Car Seat that is exclusively and originally designed for your best friend. Our iconic luxury dog car seat provides safety, comfort and protection in extremely dangerous & unsafe situations.


The dog booster car seat provides a better view of the outside world. The booster elevation instantly helps to master anxiety, stress or motion sickness. Our mission at L'élianne ® is to help dogs with such common problems.


The number #1 luxury dog car seat functions as an airbag effect during sharp turns, hard brakes & high bumps. It's perfect for recreating the comfort of your home into the car for a puppy, small or medium-sized dog. We also offer XL sizes for the large dog.


Our collection can be ordered exclusively online on our website to ensure a successful car ride. The best dog travel bed that can be secured on the front & on the back seat or boot with isofix safety elements.


- Made for your best friend


Designer Dog Car Seat

"A modern dog car seat for a modern adventurer"

Number #1 Master Car-Anxiety & Sickness

Introducing our L'élianne ® Designer Dog Car Seat - the ultimate solution to master anxiety, stress & car sickness. Our dog booster car seat provides a better view of the outside world. The high soft edges create body, head and neck support. The high edges offer the dog a place to hide, sit upright, or just relax. The combination of the elevation and the high soft edges will make the dog less aware of the car's movement. This significantly reduces anxiety, stress and car sickness while travelling.


Our iconic dog travel bed is designed for small, medium-sized & big dogs. Small dogs like, a Chihuahua, Dachshund, French Bulldog, Jack Russel, Boomer and many more! And the XL large dog car seat is perfect for medium and large sized dogs like, Labradoodle, Whippet, Bulldog, Cocker Spaniel, Border Collie, Shiba Inu and many more. If you are not sure, please contact us!

Dog Booster Car Seat

How to transport a dog safely in the car? In a 50 km/h collision, a small dog can be life-threatening for the occupants in the car. For this reason, the dog car seat is designed with efficient safety elements and isofix hooks. To minimise the risk of a serious accident, the dog seat has a standard dog seat belt to attach to the dog harness. The included large strap can be secured to the front seat, or the headrest of the back seat.


EXTRA: isofix is an internationally standardised system for the attachment of dog car seats.

Luxury Dog Travel Bed

Our luxury dog travel bed helps provide protection in extremely unsafe and dangerous situations. Without an investment in a proper car seat, dogs can be seriously injured or cause traffic disruption. The car dog basket is designed to function as an airbag effect. The high soft edges protect the dog during hard impacts, sharp turns or high bumps.


Innovative Dog Travel Bed

Our luxury dog car seat creates the comfort of your home in the car. It is multifunctional designed by simply unzipping the front or side - you can use it as a sleeping dog bed for home or at the destination. By using only one dog bed, the dog is always relaxed at home, on the road or in between.


Our iconic dog car seat is designed for a puppy, small, & medium-sized dog. Such as, a Chihuahua, Dachshund, Pomeranian, French Bulldog, Jack Russel, Boomer and many more!

Excellent Quality & Luxury Finishes

Our designer dog car seat is designed from waterproof and machine-washable material, consisting of 50% vegan leather & 50% nylon. The premium look is enhanced by quality details, metal hardware and logos, giving a stylish designer look to our dog brand. We offer a generous 60-day return period, as we are fully confident in the quality of our products.


XL Big Dog Car Seat

Meet our exclusive Dog Car Seat XL (90 cm in length) that is specially made for a medium and large dog. The large dog car seat can be attached on the back seat with isofix or in the boot of the car. It is perfect for, for example: a Labradoodle, Whippet, Bulldog, Cocker Spaniel, Border Collie, Shiba Inu and many more.


Modern Dog Travel Bed & Storage Compartments

Our luxury dog car seat is functionally designed to provide more exercise space for small to medium-sized dogs. By unzipping the car basket on the left side, you can provide more space in the back seat or boot. This is perfect for medium-sized dogs, or two small dogs to safely use the safety straps.


The dog car bed has several storage compartments for carrying everyday dog supplies. On both sides there are two large storage compartments with a zipper to close it. Now you can bring your dog suppliers such as, a dog leash, snacks, toys or poop bags.


#3x Tips for getting a dog used to driving a car

How do you get your dog to be calm in the car? Especially when your dog finds driving a car exciting, a good preparation is important.


  1. Invest in good dog travel elements: dog car seat, dog seat belt & a harness.
  2. Start with short car journeys: let your dog get used to the car seat at home first. By using a dog car seat, you can bring the comfort of home into the car. Then start slowly with short car trips and fun destinations such as the beach or forest. During the car journey, it helps considerably if you reward your dog well with cuddles or treats. 
  3. Personal scents & accessories: travelling in the car is different for every dog, so it is wise to bring something from home into the car. For example, a rug, a cuddly toy or a toy. The smell and comfort of home will help the dog to slowly get used to the car.

#4x Tips For Driving With Dogs

What do you need when transporting a dog in the car? We have gathered some tips for a good preparation in the car:

  1. Travel requirements: be prepared with all travel documents for the dog. Such as, a valid rabies vaccination, microchip, animal health certificate/passport;
  2. Medical documents and contact information: sedatives for car sickness or stress, other medications and the phone number of your vet or any contact information for other emergencies on the dog's collar;
  3. Essential dog supplies: a dog car seat, dog harness, dog seat belt, dog blanket & food/drinks;
  4. Other dog supplies: dog leash, snacks, toys and dog clothes (dog raincoat/ dog winter coat).


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