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DIY - Sniffing mat for dogs

Published on 23 July 2020 at 08:00

You see the sniffing mat passing by more and more and it looks super fun for your pet. Luckily it is easy to do this yourself, a nice project for the evening or weekend. It takes some time, but once you've understood the intricacies you can just make it during a movie or series.

What is a sniffing mat?

The sniffing mat was conceived by enthusiastic dog people who know that dogs like to think. In another blog I explained that it's not good to throw ball with the dog. Read it back here. A sniffing mat is ideal for brain games or to make your dog think differently about his way of eating chunks. The mat consists of a whole bunch of knotted fleece strips between which you can hide chunks. You can hide dog cookies in them so your pet has to use his nose to find them. A combination of tracking and eating for your pet.

What materials do you need?

  • A rubber doormat
  • Fleece fabric, e.g. (old) fleece blankets
  • A textile scissors

How to make a sniffing mat?

  • Cut the fleece fabric into strips approximately 5 cm wide and 30 cm long.
  • Place the doormat upside down in front of you (with the dots up) and start tying in the first hole in the corner. Pull the strip up through the hole and down through the hole next to it.
  • Then you start in a corner, and put it through two eyes in the mat
  • Put a knot in there, and repeat this over the entire first row.

After that you can make a row with diagonal nodes, and then another row horizontally. It depends a bit on how full you want the mat to be. But of course you can make the pattern as complicated as you want it to be.

After this you start again with a row horizontally, then diagonally and finally vertically, and repeat that until you have the whole mat full. This will look like this from the bottom as shown above. The result will look like this in the end:

And now what?

When the mat is ready you can hide cookies or chunks in it and it becomes a search game for your pet. It's best to keep the search sessions short and then store the mat again so it stays interesting.
Another tip: Let your pet play with it only under supervision. As a precaution there are no entangled pets in fleece.

Source: https://www.dog-store.nl

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