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Dog Car Travel-Accessories

L'élianne ® luxurious dog harness, dog seat belt & dog sleeping bag is an excellent addition to the L'élianne ® dog car seat. To encourage more outdoor adventures & travelling in the car to new places, we've created a collection of must-have dog travel gear to make your next road trip even better.


A car journey without proper preparation for the dog might lead to extremely dangerous and unsafe situations. Your dog will not be safe in the car during sharp turns, unexpected breaks or high bumps.


Most of our customers, with a L'élianne ® dog car seat, also invest in our dog car restraint, dog harnesses & dog sleeping bags. A must-have combination of travel elements, to ensure many safe and comfortable miles on the road!


- Made for your best friend


Dog Sleeping Bag, Dog Harness & Dog Seat Belt

Investing in our new dog travel collection you will make sure to be well-prepared on any (car) adventure.


Most of the customers invest in all of our travel-elements!

Dog Harness & Dog Seat Belt

Our L'élianne ® dog harness & dog seat belt can be perfectly combined with the luxurious dog car seat. The luxury travel accessories significantly increases safety, protection & comfort. The travel collection is made for small and medium-sized dogs.


Safety & Protection on Any Adventure!

Our innovative dog harnesses are made for travelling in the car, hiking, training & much more. The dog harness has smart reflective visibility materials on them, making the dog more visible in low conditions. This can be especially important for dogs that will be traveling on roads or hiking trails at night or in the early morning.


Dog Harnesses Y-Shape Design

The Y-shaped dog harnesses design have a pressure point on the chest. This design is intended to distribute the pressure more evenly across the dog's chest and shoulders, rather than putting the pressure on the neck.


This can be helpful for dogs that pull on the leash or have breathing or trachea issues. Y-shaped dog harnesses can provide more control over the dog while walking and can prevent choking or injury to the dog's neck.


Because the front legs and shoulders are not obstructed, the dog has full freedom of movement. It also provides the right support in case of shocks during travel, which ultimately helps to prevent injuries.

We will make sure to provide endless safe kilometres on any car ride!

Luxury Dog Seat Belt

Our new dog seat belt is a safety element to a car's existing seat belt system and secures a dog in the vehicle. The dog car restraint has a double safety attachment; it can be attached to the headrest, and in any universal belt clip. This will keep the dog safe during sharp turns, hard braking or high bumpsOur efficient dog car belt instantly increases safety and protection on the road. 


A dog that is not secured in the car can distract the driver considerably. And this can lead to traffic congestion or other dangerous situations. This efficient dog car seat belt provides the right protection in the car.


The dog seat belt can be fastened with the aluminium hook that can rotate 360 degrees, allowing the car seat belt to move with the dog. Also, the car seat belt is adjustable in length for larger dogs. 

Designer Dog Sleeping Bag

Our L'élianne ® luxury dog sleeping bag is made for your best friend to be comfortable at any location. The perfect addition to any car- adventure, cozy camping nights or simply at home. The dog sleeping bed comes in two sizes, size S is perfect for small dogs, and size M is perfect for medium-sized dogs.


Dog Sleeping Bag Bed

Our new collection dog sleeping bed creates the ultimate in comfort, warmth & protection when sleeping.  Each iconic dog sleeping bag comes with a travel-friendly storage bag, which makes it convenient to store.


Our luxury dog sleeping bag is carefully made of 50% vegan leather & 50% waterproof nylon. The strong construction ensures your dog countless hours of comfy sleep or cuddle time. The stylish fleece interior plus provides the feeling of comfort and security. 

Combine all our travel accessoires to be well-prepared on any adventure! 

Original Design

A designer dog brand that has original & exclusive products. Inspired to combine luxury, comfort & safety while travelling.


With our product at the heart of everything we do. We're driven by ambition to create a first class experience for you and your best friend.

Excellent Service

We strive to exceed expectations and listen closely to our customers. We are respected and admired with a high score of 9.9 on Google.

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