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My name is Carlijn Elianne and I have established L'élianne.  I think everyone deserves to have their pet products match their personal style and lifestyle. I think finding your pet items should be easy… and even fun.


Comfort is key when you're taking a road trip. L'élianne's Travel Home & Car Seat creates a cozy bed-type environment so your dog will feel pleasantly snuggled during your car ride.


Curated luxury products to provide an elevated on-the-go experience, the Travel Home & Car Seat features an innovative design that makes it easy to travel with your pet.


The mission is to enhance everyday life through timeless designs where the function is often just as important as good looks.


We should give the dog something back to sleep on comfortably while travelling.

L'élianne offers the solution to travel with your best friend. 


All the best, Carlijn Elianne


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