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In early 2020, the Dutch government announced a lockdown because of Covid-19. When I was in the final year of my study International Business & Entrepreneurship, the lockdown in The Netherlands (Europe) officially started. The limited rules for leaving the house and taking the courses online meant a lot of free time and a lot of boredom. 


The global pandemic has been a challenge for young people to stay challenged. This is where I took my chances and took my time to collect my ideas on entrepreneurship. In June 2020, I decided to start my own business: L'élianne ® 


Warm Regards,


Carlijn Elianne


L’élianne ® is a luxurious dog brand, founded by Carlijn Elianne in 2020. The brand is all about matching your personal- and lifestyle with luxurious pet products.


The collection features innovative designs where the function is just as important as appearance. Every pet that is part of your family deserves to have products that are carefully made of high quality.


L’élianne ® offers the solution to travel together with your best friend, were the rest of the collection is matched with functionality while being at your destination.


This picture is taken with my dog, also known as, my mascot Babs that is my inspiration.


These photos are taken behind the scenes of the brand, where I take care of the inventory management of L'élianne ®.


Online social media platforms are filled with stories, progress and behind the scenes content. Let's connect online for experiences, advice or partnerships.