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Dog Car Seat & Dog Coats

L'élianne ® is an online dog shop, with a luxurious dog car seat, dog coats & accessoires collection to travel safe and comfortable. The dog products are carefully made of excellent quality, functionality and innovative designs.


- Made for your best friend

Dog Car Seat

L'élianne ® dog car seat collection is designed to protect and provide safety for your dog on any adventure. The dog booster car seat provides a better view outside, which helps to reduce anxiety and car sickness.


The luxury dog travel bed helps with unsafe and dangerous situations in the car. The dog car bed as an airbag effect, as the high soft cushions offer protection in case of sharp turns, hard brakes or high bumps. 


The best dog car seat car provides safety, comfort and support for the body, head and neck. This dog seat is ideal for the small to medium-sized dog to travel on the front seat or back seat. 

Experience the luxury of a dog travel bed designed for your home, car or in-between!

Anxiety or Sickness in the Car?

Car-anxiety and sickness by dogs are common problems in the car. This stressful experience can become a frightening memory when travelling. It is important to address these problems immediately, otherwise it will become a traumatic memory over time. 


L'élianne ® dog travel bed will create the comfort of home into the car, which will be a real liberation from anxiety and motion sickness. We believe that a well-made dog car seat will lead to more adventures together, confidence and self-assurance!


Booster Dog Car Seat

This booster dog car seat creates a comfortable place to sit, lean or sleep while being on the road or at your destination.


Protect Your Best Friend!


We strive to meet or exceed expectations, by deeply caring about our customers. We are respected and admired with a score of 9.9 on Google.


With our product at the heart of everything we do. We're driven by ambition to create a first class experience for you and your best friend.


We learn from mistakes by closely listening to our community. As we continue to grow, we don’t lose sight of what’s most important — people and their most beloved pets.

Combine With Dog Seat Belt!

Unsafe loose dogs, distractions and other dangerous situations may occur when dogs are not properly secured in the car. The dog will not be safe during sharp turns, sudden stops or even more unsafe situations. Car-anxiety and sickness are common problems, therefore a metal crate will not always be the best solution.


This new innovative dog seat belt is made in addition to combine with the L'élianne ® dog car seat. The dog car restraints offers protection and can be secured to any universal belt clip onto the front or backseat.

Brand Story

L'élianne honden reisbedden car seat

L'élianne ® is a luxurious dog brand, founded by Carlijn Elianne in 2020. Every dog that is part of the family deserves to have products that are carefully made of excellent quality. 


Carlijn Elianne combines innovative designs, where function is as important as appearance, with personal lifestyles. The collection is curated to match appearance and functionality with luxury dog products. 


A young ambitious student whose mission is to make your best friend happy. L'élianne ® offers the solution to travel together with your best friend, with the rest of the collection geared towards functionality while being at your destination.


"Made for your best friend"

Dog Raincoat

The iconic L'élianne ® burgundy dog raincoat ensures protection against cold weather and rainy walks outside. The dog rain jacket is waterproof, lightweight and it has reflective lines for poor visibility.


These dog coats create a sense of security, warmth and comfort when a heavy downpour or a thunderstorm approaches. The dog coat is perfect for keeping your dog dry and clean while walking, running and playing. 


Dog Winter Coat

A luxurious dog winter coat collection for additional warmth and comfort during the cold winter seasons. The dog wintercoat is double-layered with fleece materials and it has reinforced layers by the neck, belly and legs to retain the body heat. 


These dog winter jacket will offer protection during cold walks, freezing temperatures or heavy snowstorms outside. The dog clothes have an innovative design without zips, hooks, velcro, buttons or other parts that can irritate your dog.


Dog Bathrobe

A luxurious collection of a dog bathrobe, that is perfect to wear after rain, swimming or a wash. L'élianne ® dog robe is made for the wet dog to keep them dry, warm and comfortable. The bathrobes are made of terry microfiber materials which has a quick-drying effect.


"Wet dog running around the house? Not anymore!" Do you recognize this? A nice walk with your dog in the rain or he has been swimming and of course your sweet four-legged friend just wants to come inside the warm house. A dog bathrobe will prevent shivering in the back of the car, no wet dog smells, and no endless rubbing down. 


The dog bathrobe with terry cloth is an excellent solution to wear when your dog is wet and to prevent damp dog smells and black splashes in the house or car interior.