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Dog Car Seat & Dog Carrier

L'élianne ® designer dog car seat is original & exclusive made for travelling with dogs in the car. Our luxury dog brand collection allows to bring your dog everywhere around the world. Will make your dog well-prepared on any (car/ airplane) adventure!


- Made for your best friend

Designer Dog Car Seat

L'élianne ® luxury dog car seat is exclusively online available for a premium travel experience on any adventure. Our dog booster car seat helps to master anxiety, stress & car sickness in dogs. By using a well-made dog travel bed, you can safely transport your dog in the front seat or in the back seat with isofix hooks.


Number #1 Master Car-Anxiety & Sickness!

A car journey without a dog car seat can lead to anxiety, stress or car sickness. Symptoms such as panting, shivering, squealing, barking ór drooling are common problems dogs can experience while travelling. L'élianne® 's mission is to strive for a future where dogs no longer have to feel these problems. 


Our dog booster seat creates a breathtaking view of the outside world. The elevation allows the dog to better observe his surroundings and enjoy watching the landscape glide by. The dog will be less aware of the any movement, and this will reduce anxiety and motion sickness immediately. 


Best Dog Car Seats & Airbag Effect

A car journey without proper preparation might lead to an extremely unsafe and dangerous situation in the car. As a result, the dog and other passengers could be seriously injured. That is why we educate you about,  how to travel with dogs in the car?


The first step is to invest in our exclusive dog car seat to ensure a successful car journey. The dog seat creates an airbag effect in case of sudden stops, sharp turn or high bumps.


The second step of a well-prepared road trip, is to combine the dog seat with the L'élianne ® dog harness and dog seat belt.

Iconic Dog Car Seat

Experience the liberation of fear together when using a luxury dog travel bed. The dog seat is made for puppies, small & medium-sized dogs to travel with more comfort and confidence. The best support for your dog's body, neck and head during short- and long car rides.


Available in XL sizes!

Dog Booster Car Seat

The dog booster car seat provides a better view of the outside world. The elevation provides comfort for relaxing, leaning and sleeping on the front seat, back seat or in the boot of the car. Inspired by a luxury, and timeless design, for on the go, at home or at the destination.


Safety & Protection in Dangerous Situations

How to transport a dog safely in the car? Even a small dog can become a life-threatening projectile in a collision at 50 km/h. The best dog car seat is specially designed with efficient safety straps. To minimize the risk of a serious accident, the seat includes a dog seat belt to attach to the harness. The bigger strap can be secured around the front seat, or the headrest of the back seat.


The dog travel bed is designed with two isofix hooks, and a sturdy anti-slip layer on the bottom. How long can a dog stay in the car? The most important thing is that the dog gets enough exercise and breaks. Make sure to have the temperature and never leave the dog alone in the car.


Excellent Quality & Luxury Details

Our luxury dog car seat is made of 50% vegan leather & 50% waterproof nylon. Nylon is known for its strength, hardness, and light-weight. The high quality PU-leather finishes, metal hardware and logos create the looks of a designer dog brand. 


These high-quality materials are carefully selected to ensure long-lasting use and provide a first-class experience. We offer 60 days for returns because we believe in our products.


A Dog Car Seat For Any Car Adventure!

Experience the luxury of a dog travel bed designed for your home, car ór in-between!

Luxury Dog Car Seat

Original Design

A designer dog brand that has original & exclusive products. Inspired to combine luxury, comfort & safety while travelling.


With our product at the heart of everything we do. We're driven by ambition to create a first class experience for you and your best friend.

Excellent Service

We strive to exceed expectations and listen closely to our customers. We are respected and admired with a high score of 9.9 on Google.

Luxury Travel Accessories

To encourage more outdoor adventures & travelling in the car to new places, we've created a collection of must-have dog travel accessories to make your next road trip even better. L'élianne ® luxury dog harness, dog seat belt & dog sleeping bag is an excellent addition to our L'élianne ® dog car seat. 



Most of our customers are investing in all of our travel accessories!

About me

L'élianne ® is a luxury designer dog brand founded by Carlijn Elianne in 2020 in the Netherlands. My iconic collection is original, exclusive & innovatively designed. The best materials are used to create a premium experience, all designed by expert craftsmen.


Every dog that is part of the family deserves the best products made exclusively for them. My goal? To take your adventures with your dog to the next level without compromising on style.


L'élianne ® 's mission is to strive for a better future where dogs no longer have to feel fear, stress or car sickness.


- Made for your best friend

Designer Luxury Dog Carrier

L'élianne ® designer luxury dog carrier combines functionality with a Fashion-statement. Luxury dog carriers are a must-have for carrying, travelling in the car & travelling by plane. Our collection is available exclusively online to buy in multiple sizes for example: a Dachshund, a Chihuahua or a Pomeranian up to 12 KG.


These dog carrier bags are perfect for providing protection in stressful environments and crowded crowds. Our new design airplane dog carrier is airline approved when flying within Europe.


Iconic Dog Carriers in Several Sizes

Our luxury dog carriers are an excellent addition as efficient travel accessories. The European-designed dog carrier bag is made for puppies (5KG) and small dogs up to 8 KG. And a big dog bag for medium-sized dogs up to 12 KG, something that sets us apart from the market.


Experience the luxury of a functional pet carrier on any adventure!


High Quality & Luxurious Details

An iconic design made of excellent quality, strong materials and luxurious (vegan) leather finishes. The functional dog carrier has an internal safety strap to secure the dog to the dog harness. Also, the multifunctional dog carriers have a large safety strap that easily wraps around the front seat or headrest on the back seat. This also allows it to function as a travel bed for in the car, train and bus.


The iconic pet carrier has multiple storage compartments to carry your favorite essentials. The inside has a removable soft pocket to meet your preferences for warmth in winter and coolness in summer. The dog bag also has a small pouch that can be used to store biscuits, poop bags or anything else you like.


NEW! Designer Airplane Dog Carrier

Airline approved: An iconic L'élianne ® in-cabin dog carrier for the airplane combines luxury and functionality for a successful plane trip together. Our luxury dog carriers are plane approved. You are allowed to take your dog with you in the cabin in Economy Class, Business Class within Europe.


Our airline pet carrier is exclusively available on our L'élianne ® website. The design has four reinforced carrying handles to ensure the best stability and comfort. By carrying the dog with you, you create calmness, safety and protection on the go in unfamiliar planes.

Luxury Dog Carriers

Luxurious collection to travel comfortable and safe on the go, in the plane & car!