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Dog Car Seat - the best solution for a small and a medium sized dog to increase comfort, safety, and confidence on the road. The dog travel bed can be installed in the car's front or back seat. Inluding a dog seat belt to secure the dog to the harness. 


Booster Dog Travel Bed - the soft cushions create an airbag effect and it helps to protect the dog by sharp turns, brakes, or high bumps. The high sides of the car bed gives the dog a sense of security and comfort. It provides support for the dog's body, head, and neck as well. 


Anxiety, Stress or Car Sickness - by dogs are common problems, which arise from unfamiliar situations in the car. These problems can lead to an unpleasant experience when travelling. L'élianne ® dog car seat helps to get rid of uneasiness and to prevent such problems. 


Multifunctional Dog Carrier Bed - this house-on-the-go functions as a regular home dog bed, which allows to bring the comfort of your home into the car on any adventure. Transform the car bed by simply unzipping the front with the zippers you can create a lounger bed. Experience the luxury of a dog car seat designed for your home, car or in-between!

Booster Dog Car Seat - providing your dog his own space in the car helps to prevent common problems such as anxiety, stress and car sickness. The travel bed is suitable for every car type, and it helps to protect your car interior from bad smells, hair staining, and sratches on the car seat.


Multifunctional - the house-on-the-go is designed to unfold the front and to use it like a home dog bed or for when you have reached your destination. 

The dog carrier can be used for a light, old or injured dog to carry short distances. The side pockets allows the dog owner to bring your favorite snacks, collars or toys along the way.


Luxury Dog Car Bed - with an unique design, function and construction. An elegant design with fine and luxurious details. The dog travel bed is made of high quality and strong materials to ensure long-term usability. 



  • Dog Seat Belt: to secure your dog to the harness;
  • Big Seatbelt: to secure the bed around the front car seat or around the headrest;
  • Extra isofix: attached car seat hooks (isofix) to secure the bed in the back seat;



L'élianne ® online pet shop supplies luxurious dog car seats and dog clothes. The brand is well-known for the excellent quality, unique functionality and appearance for a more pleasant experience on the road and on the go.

- Made for your best friend

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L'élianne ® is a luxurious dog brand, founded by Carlijn Elianne in 2020. Every dog that is part of the family deserves to have products that are carefully made of excellent quality. 


Carlijn Elianne combines innovative designs, where function is as important as appearance, with personal lifestyles. The collection is curated to match appearance and functionality with luxury dog products. 


A young ambitious student whose mission is to make your best friend happy. L'élianne ® offers the solution to travel together with your best friend, with the rest of the collection geared towards functionality while at your destination.


"Made for your best friend"





We proudly carry the Seal of Approval which guarantees authenticity, reliability and safety. As a customer you have consistent excellence in safety across ordering on the website.


We have the highest customer satisfaction score of 9.9 on Google and we want to keep it that way. We offer personal service-oriented solutions considering personal interests. 

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L'élianne ® offers high quality products that will provide longterm usability and happy customers. We think it is important to have value for your money.

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Dog Raincoat & Non-stop Dogwear - made of excellent quality and freedom of movement while playing or running. The rain jacket helps to increase your dog’s visibility and it gives them a boost of security when they are nervous about heavy rain or during thunderstorms. Dogwear will keep an adventurous dog clean or an anxious dog dry during rainy days outside. 


Dog Wintercoat - made for the winter to will keep your dog warm and protected during cold winterseasons. The dogwear is the best solution for in the winter and everyday activities. 




"Wet dog running around the house? Not anymore!" Do you recognize this? A nice walk with your dog in the rain or he has been swimming and of course your sweet four-legged friend just wants to come inside the warm house. A dog bathrobe will prevent shivering in the back of the car, no wet dog smells, and no endless rubbing down. 


Luxurious Dog Bathrobe - made for your furry friend to wear after a bath, a swim or the rain. A luxurious dog drying bathrobe is made of high quality microfibre that will keep your dog comfortable, warm and dry after a rainy day.